hooray for naps

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hooray for naps

My DS usually only naps for 30 minutes...you can almost set your watch to it. Well today, he went down for a nap around 12:50. I ran upstairs to my scrapping area, and pulled out some stuff to work on a new LO. I was thinking, great, I will get this out and just when I am on a roll I will hear "waaaaaaaaaaaah" and naptime will be over.

Wouldn't ya know, the little man slept until almost 2:30. By that time, I had finished the 2 page LO, cleaned up, and put away all my stuff. I was just on my way down the stairs when he woke up and started crying. Yahoo Yay for a longer nap so mommy can scrap Smile

I will have to take pics and post the LO that is the result of this glorious nap Wink

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YAY for long naps! We need pics! Smile

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No kidding! Naps are little pieces of heaven sent down to mommies everywhere. Biggrin

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and nannies too Wink lol. That's great you got so much accomplished!! Biggrin

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Yay for a long nap! That's great!

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Looooove long naps.....though sometimes when I think he'll get up soon, I clean everything up and then he decides to sleep for another hour! DOH! I wasted an hour just waiting for him to wake up. LOL

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Woo hoo! Long naps are great! And, the fact that you got to do some scrapping makes it even better. Can't wait to see what you came up with.