Hope I can jump back in.

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Hope I can jump back in.

Well I had to take a little break ( not that I was that active before ) but after I had the M/C in november it kind of bummed me out. That and everyone around me seems to be getting pregnant or is having a baby, so it is a little bit harder then the other times.

But I have been trying to keep busy and I do still lurk and love all your ladies work, gives me lots of inspiration. Right now I am sorting through pictures on the computer so all I have to do is print them out and I know what I want to do with them already and what dates they go to. So far I have Joshuas 2nd year sorted and Stephens 1st year sorted, I am almost done Joshuas 3rd and stephens 2nd year scrapbooks.. Sorting pictures anyways. Next step printing the pictures..

Anyways, I am almost done my brothers wedding scrapbook. In the last day or two I have just been determined to finish it. All I have left to do is add some titles and embellishments to each page. But I got a great new cartridge called sweethearts and it is perfect for the scrapbook Smile

And The best part about that is my brother bought it for me. We got it half price the day after boxing day Smile And then a couple days later my other brother and his gf bought me 300 peices of scrapbook paper.. Double sided too. It came from costco in the bundle, it also came in a great little carrying case. So I am super excited about getting to start to use it.

I hope you guys don't mind me jumping back in. I'll try not to be scarce, but working full time and taking care of joshua and the household doesn't leave me much time to scrap. And I feel bad if I don't have much to reply to your guys posts..:)


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Uhg.. I have resized my stupid signature and it is still huge.. Hope it fixes it self soon. Does it seem large to anyone else?

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First, I'm so sorry about your miscarriage. Sad {{{hugs}}}} We are always here to talk to you.

Your siggy looks perfect to me. And Welcome back to the boards!! Hope you can have more time. We'd love to see some of your fantastic work again.

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hey, jump in any time!!!! sounds like you got awesome gifts in the cartridge and paper. can't wait to start seeing pages from you again.

and your siggy looks good to me. Smile

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I too am sorry you have been sruggling. I hope you can come to peace with things and have more time for yourself too.

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welcome back!! :bigarmhug: hope things are looking up!!
cant wait to see the new pages!!! Biggrin and what awesome gifties you got!!!

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Welcome back. I'm glad you are jumping back in. Way to go on getting his book done. That will feel so good!

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again, I'm really sorry about your m/c. Pm if you ever need someone to talk to. I've been there and I'm a pretty good listener. Glad to see you back around here :bigarmhug:

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Thanks guys! And Karen I am sorry about your loss as well. I might take you up on that offer, sometimes are harder then others..

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Glad you're jumping back in! Good time, too, we have a virtual crop coming up Jan. 15-18.

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Sorry about your loss, I hope scrapping can help you get a little magic back and help you heal. Can't wait to see your stuff.