Hope Mommy Cards and Cohen's Bday Invites

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Hope Mommy Cards and Cohen's Bday Invites

I just can't quite wrap my head around Cohen turning one in a couple weeks. :eek: It's sooo sad for me!! This year went much too fast!! Sigh!!! Anyways, I made his birthday invites....easy, but atleast I got 17 done.

I don't know how many of you are familiar with Sarah's story, but my sister lost her baby last August and has met a lot of mommies that have gone through the same thing, and she has started a "Hope Mommies" Group. She and 11 other mothers are getting together the first weekend in February to laugh, cry, share, talk, etc. They are coming from all over...even Canada and Germany. It's going to be so neat for them!! They are actually meeting on a ranch just a few miles from where I live!

I will be working on Cohen's birthday stuff this week, so will be getting pics up soon. Smile

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love the bday invites...how the heck is that little man one already?!?!

the Hope Mommies cards are so beautiful. And what a wonderful thing that they can all get together!

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I can't believe your little man is turning one. Cute invites! The Hope cards are amazing!

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One??? Are you sure??? LOL Wowzers!! That did go by fast. I was just looking at baby pics of Keeran and was lke, wow, I hardly remember that, it went so fast. Smile LOVE those invites.. So super cute.

And I really love those cards Charys. What a sweet thing to make for them.

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Holy stinking cow. Seriously....he's ONE!? Where in the world did the time go?! I love his invites and your heart is so big. I adore your cards for those special ladies.

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Time goes so fast and I'm guessing you working makes it seem even crazier!!! Good job on getting the invites done, they are cute. Can't wait to see more birthday stuff.

August seems so long ago. I still think of your sister every once in a while. I always remember the love in her posts and a lack of bitterness. I was so sad for her and yet I was even more touched by her strength. Anyway, I think it is wonderful that they will be getting together, I'm impressed that some will be traveling far. Your cards are beautiful and perfect.

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Love your cards as always! The hope mommy cards are so sweet! Did you also make that sign for the event that Sarah had? I was wondering if you could tell me how to get a bracelet for Holden shipped to me. I see where the shirts can be shipped but not where to get the bracelets? Can I just send you the money or am I missing something on the link?

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Love the invites.

The Hope Mommy Cards are just beautiful. How amazing of you to do that for them.

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I'm not sure how Cohen can be turning 1. Really, that's INSANE!!! Wink love the invites, so cute!

and the Hope Mommy cards are gorgeous. that's so neat that they're all coming out by you. will you meet them too? your sister sounds like an incredible person. I really hope that God blesses her and Chet with another child.