Hope you don't mind

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Hope you don't mind

I know I have been MIA and I am so sorry but with Ryne's bday now only two weeks away I have been going into overdrive and overtime! I am trying to crank out as many pages as possible plus running here, there and everywhere for party supplies ontop of working and normal household chores and responsibilities, I have been running myself ragged lately. I do lurk everyday though and try to keep up. I finished 3 LO's tonight alone and thought I would post them. If you don't mind? I figure if I can do at least 3-4 pages a dat/night I should be able to get all the pages done in time for his party, I am hoping this actually works out. Anyways here are my latest pages, thanks for looking and just to let you guys know I probably won't be back until after his party but then I will have lots of bday pics plus pics of all the rest of the LO's for his first book, I am hoping!

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Glad you were able to pop in. I LOVE the 2nd one! I love how you used different papers for each letter!

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"sadieruth" wrote:

Glad you were able to pop in. I LOVE the 2nd one! I love how you used different papers for each letter!

Actually those were stickers! Aren't they cool? I found them at a store called Pat Catan's, I dunno if you have them but its a craft store here and I got two sets of them in two different patterns.

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I have no problem with you posting layouts. I love the different papers you used. Very cute.

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So cute! I love the train in the first one that lists his milestones.

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Of course we don't mind. Wink The more the merrier! Love your layouts! The stickers on the second LO make a great background. My favorite is the trains...too cute! Good luck on finishing all the pages. It will be wonderful for his party.

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Those are all really great! My fav is the 5 months!

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I really like the 5 months one, but my fave has to be the last one, I love the placement of everything on it!

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Those are beautiful!!!