Hoping for deals

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Hoping for deals

We're having a family day today. My MIL decided to come along. I've already packed tylenol because I know I'm going to need it. The headache has already started. I've modified our plans too and we're now going to Hobby Lobby and I'm buying a circle punch and hopefully some Christmas paper and stamps. Retail therapy to keep me semi sane.

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Is Hobby Lobby having any good sales?

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Hope the retail therapy helps Wink

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fingers crossed that your head is okay and that you got some great deals.

I can't drive until Tuesday, and I know my DH won't want to take me to AC Moore. I want some retail therapy myself!

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Well I only ended up with a circle punch and a white ink pad at Hobby Lobby. We were just in town where there was a Hobby Lobby, which is why I went. Stickers are 30% off and ink pads (and some brands of stamps) were 50% off, but you have to really look at brand names.

I did end up with a swivel head steam mop, a single jogging stroller and a soup cookbook and didn't pay for any of it, so score on the gifts! The stroller is technically a gift for the new baby, but since our old one broke while pushing Katie in it today, we get to use it for a few months with her first. Our old one was $25 and bought 7 years ago, so we certainly got our money's worth with that one.

Retail therapy helped, but it was moreso having an off day to just have fun as a whole family today. We toured Ft. Dodge, went to an apple orchard, ate out and hit a couple stores. Great day.

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Glad you had a great day hun. Smile

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Glad to hear your got some new stuff and had a nice day Michelle!!

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Sounds like it was a pretty fun day after all! I used to go to an apple orchard growing up. Wish we had them here in Texas! Did you get pictures?