A house layout "Home is Where your Family is At."

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A house layout "Home is Where your Family is At."

Last night when I couldn't sleep (insomnia again...sigh) I saw a Cricut challenge over at TwoPeas, so I decided to give it a try. I created this for it and even took the pic last night. LOL!

close-up of the chipboard clouds I cut from Graphically speaking

The challenge was to use layering on your cuts (the house and shadowed letters), cut chipboard with the cricut (the clouds...I cut them from a cereal box, then painted them blue), embellish your cuts (brad on door, vellum behind window and chalk on the clouds), enter it into another challenge at Two Peas (which I found one that applied...using nature elements...clouds, birds. Anyways, you got a point for each thing you used and I was able to use all 6!! Smile


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LOVE IT! (I'd post more but boss is coming)

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it's so cute! Smile I love it! how did you stick the clouds on there? and gosh dang, i never once would have thought to cut clouds from a cereal box and then paint it lol I might scraplift this digitally if i ever get a chance. I love the little house Biggrin

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That is so cute!

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Wow, that turned out amazing! You have to submit that for publication!

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Very Nice!!! Turned out great!

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:eek: Amazing....as always! I love how you created this! The stitching, photo, house, clouds, and bird paper are just perfect. You are awesome...what else can I say??? Biggrin

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Beautiful layout. Great job on all of that.

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I love it! Well I love all of your stuff, but I really love this one!

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you're such a geek!! just teasing you, that's awesome that you got all 6 points! and what a wonderful layout!! (sucks about the insomnia though)

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hahahaha, I know I am. I loved Liz's siggy smilie that said something like 'get your geek on'. Smile Hey, I really want that gift card to TwoPeas. Wink

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Charys that is super adorable! Biggrin You did a great job.

And hey, if you are bothered by insomnia anymore you could always become my penpal and write me letters all night. lol

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That background paper is so unique. The stiching really makes it stand out too. This page is awesome.... I love how you crammed in every option and yet the layout itself is not cramped at all. Perfect!

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Holy cow! I cant believe how many elements you pulled into that one LO!! WTG on the challenge points!

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Wonderful page!! I really love that background paper. I have been so into wooden backgrounds lately. Fab house too. Love it!

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Great job Charys!! WTG on getting all 6 points..fingers crossed for your win. I LOVE it!!

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very cute!!!

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That is great! Have you ever tried to be on the cricut create team???? I love the paper you used it works great with you lo!

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love it! way to go on getting all 6 points! i love the roof of the house!

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Okay I LOVE this layout. It is just so great.