House update: fixed the link for the pictures

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House update: fixed the link for the pictures

So today is the day we should have been closing on the house. The city/county requires a truth in lending housing inspection to be done (before the house is listed) and they didn't even get that done until the end of april (we put in our offer on 3/19). There is a ton of work that they need to do to the house before they can sell it- windows, outlets, fire alarms, fuse box, move exhaust for dryer- and as of last Saturday they were just getting bids from people to get this done (it's bank owned so they aren't going to do it themselves). So now we are looking at some time in June to close.
Last Saturday we also had the chance to go through it again, and there is a lot more "little" things that need to be fixed that we hadn't noticed before. But we are still very excited to get this house and can't wait to get started on it!

Remember how I said it doesn't have central air? Well we noticed that it does actually have it, or at least the unit for it. So now we just need to figure out why they said it didn't have it. But at least it should be easier to fix it rather than install it (we hope). And the furnace is brand new, like within a year or so.
The roof in back needs to be replaced, we didn't go in the back before so we didn't see it last time. There is a fire pit and a pond in the back, those need to go.
We're going to replace all the trim in all the rooms, all lot of it is really small, or missing all together. The dishwasher needs to be replaced, the handle is broken on it and it's missing the bottom rack (and just looks nasty inside). We're going to replace all the gutters outside with bigger ones, with the cover over them, since the ones on the house now are really small- and the previous owner didn't clean them out at all and they have damaged siding and fascia/soffits. Then there is the obvious cleaning and painting that needs to be done.

And! If you have made it this far, the really big bedroom in the basement was obviously where they kept their dog, and the carpet REALLY smells like dog pee. Will a good carpet cleaning get that out or do you think it would be easier to just replace it?

Last but not least... pictures!! There were too many for a slide show, so I am just going to link the album. There's a description of each picture underneath it- it's captivating stuff! Some of the pics are a bit dark, because there wasn't enough working light bulbs in all the rooms.

Fixed the link for the pictures

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Sounds like you have some exciting things ahead with your new house. As far as the dog pee goes, I suggest replacing it. I have a dog and for whatever reason one night decided to pee right beside the bed. I woke the next morning to step into wetness. It was aweful. It still smells. My DH cleaned it and cleaned it, I have sprayed it with stuff tried the powder stuff. It still smell, not as bad but the smell is still there. I think once it gets into the padding, it is hard to get out. We have not tried a professional carpet cleaning service. Good Luck with everything.Take lots of pictures even of the work and scrap book, so we can see! Smile

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Sounds like a lot of work but good luck. As far as the carpet goes, definitely replacing it would be easier and beleive it or not, probably cheaper in the long run. The good stuff for removing smells is about 20 dollars for a gallon and you'd have to use it all over the room since you don't know exactly where the smell is coming from.

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I would say replace the carpet. The pee has sunk into the carpet's padding and if there's wood unter that, it's probably stained in the wood too. I think it would be better to just replace it and get rid of the smell for good.

It all sounds very exciting, and busy!

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Wow, I'm sure you are so excited and also frustrated that the sale is delayed! It sounds like you will have lots of projects Smile

Definately replace the carpet!

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well thats crappy that your closing was delayed but it sounds like you have some very exciting work ahead of you as well. In my opinion, I would probably replace the carpet too, more than likely it has sunk into the padding underneath and nothing will get rid of the smell unless you get rid of the padding. KUP! btw the link didn't work for me, when I clicked on it, only one pic popped up.

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I say replace it too. It's so hard to get that smell out.

I hope things go smooth and you get everything fixed you want fixed! Biggrin

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I think the house looks great! You have alot of room to do so many different things and its basically like having a blank slate. The best part is, you can do whatever you want because its YOURS! Congrats and be sure to post pics after you have finished the work you wanted to do.

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How exciting!:yahoo:

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Sorry it's been delayed but it sounds like you are still excited. The pics show that you are getting a lot of room and as long as you are willing to work and wait, it sounds like a good deal. Replace the carpet and padding definitely. You will also want to clean the floor with an enzyme remover. This will kill the rest of the odor and help prevent other animals from being attracted to any left over scent.

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Exciting times for you ahead ... busy times too.

I'd replace the carpets - it's not worth the headache of trying to clean. And replacing the carpets really isn't too pricey (it can be, depending on the carpet, but it doesn't have to be). And that's good news that you don't have to install the central air.

Great pictures - looks like a big house! I dig the laundry room shelves. Bedroom 5 is busy, isn't it? Wink