How cute is this kid?! (totally OT)

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How cute is this kid?! (totally OT)

Just wanted to share my moppy headed son. Wink I took this yesterday, gonna make a digital Valentine's card for the grandparents, so I was photographing the kids with the red background.

Jan312010_0019_filtered copy

(I shared the other kids here if you want to see)

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Adorable Smile

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Tell DH that he doesn't need a haircut! He's just adorable!!!! I really love Jordan's photo too! Of course they are all good, but Jordan and Jack's are my faves.

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we are totally JEALOUSSS of his hair over here!! can you send him my way so he can rub on Ryan and maybe Ryan can grow some hair?! Lol hes sooo adorable!!

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Cute cute cute Gwen!! Fabulous photo!

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SO cute Smile

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I have a moppy headed boy too. Smile He's adorable Gwen.

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cute! Love the red backround also.

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oh my goodness, what a cute picture. I love his moppy head! I went and peaked at the others and they are all so beautiful.

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oh so adorable!!! Love him. just want to kiss his cheeks.

I love Andrew, Natalie, & Jordan's as well.

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Gwen, I don't even know if there is a word for how cute that little boy is! He's so handsome! Love the hair! Randy has a teeny tiny bit, so Jack needs to tell him how to grow some hair!

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He is so cute. LOVE his dark brown eyes, and I think his hair is adorable. :bigsmile:

And I went and looked at the others and all of your kids are so good looking! Good job!

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Pretty darn cute I must say! The pics of the rest of the kiddos are great too Gwen.

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such a cutie! All your kids are stunning Biggrin And great photography work too!