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Thread: How do I get started?

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    Default How do I get started?

    OK, so I have never scrapped before and I am gutted I missed out on the last 4 years!

    I received a scrap book from Leia's first year in school (pre-school) and it made me want to start doing it.

    So, what do I need to get started? What do I scrap? Every day or certain events ie birthdays, holidays etc?

    Do I buy scrap books from the shops or do I make my own?

    All advice welcome

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    You can do it anyway that works for you! I scrap everything. I scrap silly little moments and I scrap holidays and birthdays too. I scrap different sizes. I just do whatever strikes me.

    You can make your own books, or you can buy the books to fill up. You can get kits that come with a book, paper, stickers and other embellishments and then all you need to buy is scissors/paper cutter/glue. You can get something like that and see what you like doing and then buy more stuff as needed.

    I suggest looking at other peoples stuff and copying it or doing something similar until you find your groove. We have a lot of our pages posted here or you can go to other online galleries and look around too.

    Don't feel like you missed out on the last 4 years though. I don't scrap in order. I just scrap whatever picture screams the loudest lol, so I scrap newborn pictures of my five year old and then newborn pictures of the 8 month old all on the same day sometimes.

    If you have any other questions just ask.

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    So, what do I need to get started? You'll need a way to print photos, a cutter, paper, a way to glue items and some creativity!

    What do I scrap? Every day or certain events ie birthdays, holidays etc? You can scrap whatever you want! I definitly scrap events, but also "first tooth" type moments and then just happy/sad moments that are important to me/my child.

    Do I buy scrap books from the shops or do I make my own? I mostly buy an album and then paper packets, but sometimes I buy a kit, or individual paper pages. But honestly whatever works for you. We all do this part differently!

    All advice welcome! I personally like to scrap in only one size so that I don't have to worry about which album the page will go in. If they are all the same size I can organize them later. I also tend to work in semi-order, unlike Angie. I lose track of the memories/moments if I wait too long! Also, check out for a twice daily scrapbook deal that's at least 50% off.
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    When I first started scrapping, I bought some of the paper kits that come with paper and embellishments and used those until I was brave enough to branch out. Now that I have found my "style" I will pick and choose single sheets and embellishments that I like and will work with the pictures that I am wanting to scrap.

    I personally scrap everything from everyday moments to holidays. Everything they do is worth scrapping because I want to remember it all! As you know, they grow so fast and its hard to remember the little things that meant so much at the time. I have an album on facebook filled with many of my pages, you can go back and look at them to see my style!

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    I digitally scrap, so I'm not much help with what you are asking, but I will say that what you scrap is completely up to you. I scrap everything. I'm actually trying to restrict myself because I have a hard time skipping even one picture. I just hate to miss a moment. My 2011 album was over 180 pages! Depending on what you want, I'd make a list of important moments, events, milestones that you would like to include then also leave room for any random things that come to mind.
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