How do you find time to scrap?

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How do you find time to scrap?

I'm really struggling with this... I have a 1-year old, and I work full-time, so I only have time with her from 4-8pm on the weekdays - so I don't want to scrap then. By the time I get her to bed, I'm so tired from the day, all I want to do is sit down and relax - maybe even have a conversation with DH if I'm lucky (I'm trying to figure out time to exercise, too - that's not going well, either)... I guess I'm just suffering from poor time management?

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I'm right there with you! I have to do the digital scraping because 1. I don't have time for paper and 2. Kaden (he's 20 months) will take everything from me. I scrap on the weekends after Kaden goes to bed and sometimes during the week while my dh watches TV. We have the computer in a room connected to the TV room so we still talk and see each other.

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I dont know how I would find time either! Luckily I only work pt and my guy comes with me to work so I feel like I have MORE than enough time with him sometimes Wink I try to scrap only when I feel creative, otherwise they dont turn out well. So sometimes I go months w/o doing any, then I'll do 7 in one day. Right now Ive been scraping while DH is gone on his many youth trips througout the summer, after DS goes to bed or while he's busy playing. I scrap relatively quickly so this works for me. But it might not work for everyone. In your situation I would just try to take one night a month and do a few. Its so hard being a mommy, wife, work full time, AND have hobby's Wink

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I'm a sahm and find it hard to sit down and scrap. I think I'm going to try the quiet time like Gwen does. I'm so behind on scrapping.

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jeena is 18 months old and i work on my dh's days off. so the days that i'm at home, i try to do scrappy stuff when jeena is napping and then when she goes to bed. my dh works all different shifts so i'm often alone in the evenings.. ME time Smile

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Sarah ---

I have the same type of lifestyle. I work full time and have Kira from 5-8 or 5-8:30ish. So dh and I made a deal that 2 nights a week he is responsible for putting kira to bed so I can get stuff done that I need to. Including scrapping.

I usually do this on Monday's and Wednesdays.

During my lunch hours I usually have pics with me and I start to plan my pages out and write down notes on what I want to do.

Then Tuesday, Thursdays and the weekends I get my time to excercise. And I get my family time with dh and kira too. Tuesday and thursdays are reserved for extremely long walks.

but for me it was definately a matter of time management. I just had to build a regime and stick to it. Of course there are times Iget off of it -- like just recently I had Kira's bday and then the harry potter book :oops: But I just got myself back on track last night.

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I am a SAHM mom too, but as Tristan has gotten older it has become impossible to get on the computer while he is awake. He will have no part of that :roll:

So, I do all my scrapping while he is napping and after he goes to bed. DH teaches taekwondo on Tuesday and Thursday nights so that is mostly when I get my stuff done.

These last couple of weeks however, I have done nothing except sleep when Tristan sleeps. Maybe I will get to scrap again once this first trimester is over Wink

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I am a SAHM and still don't really have time to scrap all that much. I have a "quiet hour" every night, though, after I put Madelyn to bed. From 9:30 or 10pm to 11pm every night, I scrap. I also do digital scrapbooking here and there when I have time, but it's easier to have an ongoing project on the computer.

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I am a SAHM, and my kids are 4 and 6 so they are in that mode where they just want to play their own games and things and dont mind me being on my PC - plus I stay up too late at night LOL
Don't get me wrong, my son has Autism so he has Special Ed summer school from 8-10 am every day, plus they have swimming lessons from 11 - 12 every day, PLUS my son has Occupational Therapy and Speech therapy once a week at various times during the day. So it is not like I just "sit at home" LOL But I guess with it being summer, and it has been 100 here so it is too hot to be outside until about 5 or 6 pm, then we are all out in the yard or on walks most of the evening. I don't know I have just had a lot of time to get stuff done in the afternoon & after they are in bed lately. But everything has a price - I have been getting a little behind on laundry and clutter LOL But I clean as I go so now that the kids are older the house is staying much nicer. Trust me, it does get easier! Your little girl is only 1 - wait until she's like Mom leave me alone! LOL Like my son - a lot of times he just wants to play legos by himself, or my kids play together and get into their own games & stuff so I just watch. Our computer is in the livingroom so I can easily hop up to help them or answer the phone or clean up a spill or whatever. I think it is all about time management & inspiration - I go through really busy times especially when school starts where my time is consumed with helping my son with homework and cleaning and keeping up with laundry, it gets pretty crazy around here!

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My LO is 7 months old and goes to bed most nights between 7-8. I do my scrapping after he is in bed, while DH is playing XBox, reading or watching TV.

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When I was working, the only time I had to crop was my once a month crop night with my friends. and even then, it was spotty on the calendar, and I really only had about 7 crop nights a year. that's how I got so far behind.

recently, I've enforced a mandatory "quiet time" on my kids, and I crop during that hour. but that hour FLIES and I don't get a whole page done. I usually return to it after they go to bed (which is what I'm doing after I finish this post).

if I were in your shoes, I'd pick two weekend nights a month, after Emma has gone to bed, and crop for several hours. that was you see some progress, and you don't lose time with Emma or DH. but that's just the way I'd do it. whatever you do, it has to work for you. but if you can schedule it on the calendar, whenever that time is, and DH knows that's YOUR time, and you stick to it, that's the best way to go.

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I was working full time when I had DS1 and it was really hard to find time for scrapping! I got in the habit of using his naptimes on Saturdays to plan out a few pages, and I'd put the photos, papers, elements, etc. for each page in a bag. Then during the week I had all my pieces together already and I could sit down and work on it for 20-30 minutes at a time as I had time.

Right now I WAH and my life is a little more balanced between work and family. I am able to scrap in the evenings when the boys are in bed, and DH is watching baseball (because baseball is on every flippin' night... grrr...). The bonus for me now that I've switched to digi is that I can scrap in the same room as DH and we can still talk and hang out together even though we're doing different things.

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I'm a SAHM mommy too, but I am always busy here and there. I scrap at night after DH and Kayson are in bed. I will oftentimes stay up until way past midnight, then just be tired the next day. But that's really the only time I can bring all my scrapbook stuff onto our kitchen table and get anything done. During the day, we eat off the table and my son would get into it anywhere else in my very tiny home. So, I just scrap late at night, when I have nothing else going on and the house is quiet. Smile

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I have a 6 year old and a 14 month old and work full time
so I don't have a whole lot of free scrabbooking time
I do it every now and then like nap times, on my days off because the baby still goes to the babysitter, and bedtime like now 8pm and the baby goes to sleep and the 6 year old retires to watching a little tv in her room before bed