How do you gift LOs

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How do you gift LOs

I am sorry if I have asked or this ? has been asked before. But I'm wondering if you make a LO for a gift for someone, particularly one that has to be mailed, how do you do it? I mean do you frame and then mail or do you just mail it and let them frame it? What size do you typically do? I would think that 12x12 frames are not very common, so there must be another size that one does. I am thinking of doing a LO for my mom for Mothers Day. But I need to do it soon and it will have to be mailed as she does not live near me. Also thought about doing one for my husband's mom. TIA for any and all input. Smile

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Well if they have a scrapbook to add it to then I would send it in a plastic cover. You know like the one in your book. If they don't then i would frame it. You can get 12x12 frames at Michael's for 5.00-10.00 Smile

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exactly....though our 12x12 frames are always around $16-$20 so I usually do an 8x10 or so. If the person already knows they're getting it and I'm sure they want it (lol) then I do 11x14:)

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I have done a LOT of 8x10 gift layouts. I was given 3 12x12 frames a while back, so that is why I did the gift layouts in 12x12 recently, but normally I'd stick to 8x10. Those frames are readily available anywhere and I get them from Walmart for $3.