How do you store supplies?

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How do you store supplies?

I got into an organizing frenzy last week. I've been working on a scrapbook from our cruise over two years ago, and the idea was that if I have everything handy and easy to access, it would be easier to get going on pages and actually finish.

So, what I did was organize all photos into a couple of those photo boxes, and another one is set aside for negatives. I have another box for small scrap pieces, and one for supplies like scissors and adhesives and things. I don't have many supplies yet, obviously. I also put any stickers and embellishments into page protectors in a binder, and another binder holds extras like brochures and memorabilia from the cruise, our wedding, etc. Then scrapbook paper is stored in another box I got that's made to hold paper.

I was just wondering what everyone else does, maybe it would give me some more ideas.

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sterilite drawers and baskets mostly. Here is a picture of it.

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I have a closet like thing (don't ask) in my dining room that I keep my stuff in. I put my kits in the box I got my first kit in. I keep my stickers in a folder and my scraps in another folder. For my rounder, stapler, pics, glue, dots, ribbon, and scissors, I keep them in a decorative shoebox type box.

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Here's most of my supplies and tools. I just reorganized last week, the pics are from the end of July. I love the little shoe boxes from sterlite, they are great. And I got bead boxes from Hobby lobby and I have my buttons in those. All my metal embellishments(they are labeled on one of the boxes but I have since changed it), eyelets, brads, etc are in stacking cups that screw ontop of each other, I got those at target in the dollar spot. The accordian folder is my stickers, but last week I got a big pastic box to hold just letters and quote stickers. I don't have much room to have everything like I would like, but this works. When we move I hope to have my own scrapbook area all to myself. Right now all mystuff is in my room and my closet, under the bed. I have yet to invade the kids room, lol.
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Here's my scrapbooks, which I just added 3 more I bought on friday.
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My scissors, all my really sharp stuff I keep up in my closet out of the kids reach.
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My paper stacks, which I'm running out of room to store, thanks to hobby lobby and their 50% off sale last week. If dh really knew how much scrapbook stuff I buy he would kill me, lol.
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