How do you use embossed cards?

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How do you use embossed cards?

I bought a pack of Christmassy stuff today and there were some embossed cards included. Let me see if i can find an image so you can see what i mean...

Here they are: but obviously where the gifts on the cards look black in this picture they are actually just embossed IRL.

How do i use them? They take up loads of space on the card, so i don't get it.


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Are those cards already done and ready to give?

I don't know much about embossing, but I do know it requires special tools! There's powder, different shapes that are cut out on metal plate type things, an embossing gun (like a heat gun), and well...that's all I know. Sorry, I'm not much help!

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I think I would put a small stamp or something in the middle and maybe some some ribbon on the top. You would not have to add much to those cards. If the cards are white, you could add a layers of green and red paper and the stamp again on white. Just a thought. I hope it helps. I wish I had time to somehow draw it out to show you.

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I'm not sure I get them either but ribbon, glitter and bling come to mind for additions to them. Maybe a stamp/sticker in the middle that says Merry Christmas or whatever else you may want it to say.

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All great ideas, thank you! I'll go and stare at them and see what else pops into my mind. Lol

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:dontknow: lol. I think the girls ideas here are great though. Come back and show us what you come up with Biggrin

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I would use an image that you like, raise it with pop dots, so it's above the embossing and they'll be beautiful. There is so much you can do with those embossed cards...basically use them how you would a regular card. I bet you'll love the results.