How do you vote in challenge?

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How do you vote in challenge?

Do you look at what the votes are before or after you make your cast???

I choose, then look, never realizing I had the option to look then vote. Just realized this today. I will continue to do it this way, but wondered to myself how yall do it. Smile

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Same here, Carrie! I never realized that I could look first until a month or two ago. I like to vote first and then see the results.

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I vote and then I look too!

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I usually vote, then look.

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mostly vote and then look....sometimes I look first but not for any particular reason because i've already made my mind up and don't sway just because others voted a certain way

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I vote then look at the results Smile

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im on the vote 1st bus too!:D

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I vote first 75% of the time ... and I peek first the rest of the time. Wink

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I vote 1st Smile This challenge was very hard though to pick just 1.

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WHAT?!?!? You can do that?! I didn't even know until now. :eek: ::::off to check this out:::::

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wow, I feel stupid. I just saw that option. LOL

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90% of the time I vote first ... the other 10% when I think it may be close, I look first to see if I'm causing a tie Smile