How long did it take you to...

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How long did it take you to...

...collect all your paper scrapbooking stuff? since i've seen some or your scrap spaces I'm just curious Smile if I ever get into paper scrapbooking, which I'm hoping to someday, then i'll have to have mine portable and work on the kitchen table unless I get a different desk in the computer room Smile where i am now. someday maybe. I already have some things like stickers and some neat scissors that cut edges nice and different. hmmm but besides that...not much Smile i don't think i'll ever get a cricut even though it looks awesome! I think i'll just end up using markers to write everything on my pages. Unless there is another way to do it? I was so tempted to go buy a small scrapbook kit today but had to get home to put DD down for a nap Smile


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Majority of my stuff came from ebay. If you look through embellishments in scrapbooking and just page through all the listings, you get lots of different embellishment ideas. Or a scrapbooking idea book helps a lot too. Make a list as you see things of items you'd be interested in using as embellishments.......buttons, ribbon, fibers, ect.........

Oh and I collected the majority of my stuff w/in a few months......3/4......that was when I had a lot of time when i just had Tyler.....

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I think a kit is a great way to start if you don't have much. Then I just watch the sales at Michaels, AC Moore and Joanns. Then I buy what I need/want when it is on sale. Rarely to I pay full price for anything related to scrapbooking.

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i wish they had a craft/hobby store here. the closest i get is the hardware store :roll: the nearest scrapbooking place is so expensive. they have lots of neat things though but its full price stuff, nothing ever on sale of course. They sell a few items at this discount store i go to at the mall. They sell small kits and a few papers and stickers and albums and some ribbon that's not too badly priced but its so few things. I can't wait to get to the states in August. I plan on stocking up on a few basic things while i'm there Smile hopefully stuff on sale!

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Since I only started scrapping in August I don't have much but most of mine is neatly compacted in a very small container that is packed to the gills. Until we buy a house, it's likely to stay that way.

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I started collecting when K was I guess almost 18 months ago. My collection has grown and grown! When I started, I had a few different colored cardstock sheets and some pens and my Creative memories cutters set. That was it. Now I have almost a full closet of stuff. LOL!

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I just have been collecting as I go along. I don't remember what I bought to start up, it was so long ago. I've been at it for almost 5 years now.

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I had started scrapbooking in 2000 but mainly used colored paper and stickers. I started hardcore scrapping in January 2007 and a little more than 1/2 of my stuff I bought in 2-3 months time. Most everything I buy is either on sale, clearence or I've used a coupon for.

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I started scrapping about a year ago full-time! Lol I started off with a kit, and I agree, it's a great way to start off. Everything matches, it comes with alpha letter, tags, borders, and lots of paper. I made a lot of pages with my kits! I finally branched out (thanks to these wonderful ladies) and started buying different things! I now have a closet full of goodies! Biggrin

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I've been doing this for about 2 years now. I don't have near as much stuff as these ladies but I'm getting there. I use Hobby Lobby a lot. We only recently got a Micheals. I also check out Big Lots, Tuesday Morning, Walmart, Target, and I look for clearance stuff online.

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I collected paper scrapping stuff for about 1.5 years ... and then went digital :LOL: I've been digital for about the same amount of time, and I've got WAY more 'supplies' digitally than I ever did with paper - but at least the mess is contained to my hard drive and not my entire basement like it was before!

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yeah i really enjoy digital but i haven't even gotten a chance to print out my pictures yet Sad that's why i want to maybe try paper because all i'd have to do is go order the smaller pictures instead of asking one of the photo people to make my digital pictures a specific size. I know they do it i just have to ask each time i want to go print out some digital scrapbook pages. Each time I go in there they are always busy. OH well I"ll get it done eventually i guess Smile