How many pages in an album and how do you organize them?

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How many pages in an album and how do you organize them?

I just had DH add some pages to my first son's book I'm working on, and was just wondering what the average amount of pages fit into a scrapbook, and how you sort them out. Like do you do each child's year of life in one book or a couple years, or how do you do it? I filled up 10 pages, which is 20 really, with just the first six months of his life. So the 10 DH added should let me easy get the first year done I guess. Smile So is this the way to go, do it by years of life for now? JC what you all do and how many you put in a book. TIA

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My first scrapbook was for the year of 2007 and I had way too many. I had like 60 I think. Needless to say the scrapbook fell apart, and still needs to be re-done. Luckily, all the pages are still intact.

This year, I'll probably have 1/2 that. I just didn't get as many done.

I make a yearly scrapbook. I don't show DH until New Year's Eve. He really enjoys seeing the year in review.

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Well .... DD is 8 months old, and I just completed my 60th layout of her. Huh. Guess it'll be 2 albums. I don't scrap in order, so when I print the pages I put them in order, put them in a book but not in the sleeves until I'm sure I won't be adding more pages in there. I just buy regular post-bound albums with protective sleeves and put them in there.

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I don't add pages to any of my books. By the time, I fill in all the pages in the original book, they are so fat, they are double or triple wide or maybe quadruple wide. LMAO!!!

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Well I only have 1 scrapbook finished and that is of DD's 1st year and she is 2 already so I am way behind obviously Smile but I did like 34 pages for her 1st year and I still have lots of pages left so I am going to add some of her 2nd year in there until that gets full and then ill just add the rest to another album. It just saves me money and time and they are about her anyway. Smile so it doesnt really matter if one starts in one book and ends in another. That is the way I plan on doing it anyway. Just to save me money from having to buy another one so quickly and so many pages left in them Smile

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Well DH acted like we couldn't fit any more than 20 sleeves in there, that is was already full, which will amount to 40 pages. I guess that sounds about right then? Thanks guys.

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I MUST scrap every little event that I have a picture of and some that I don't have pictures of! This is part of the reason I must do digital. We will have 3 albums this year. The first two will be 100 pages (I've already printed the first and the second is over half done) and the 3rd will be whatever is left over (maybe 50????, depend on how many Christmas pics I take, etc). Anyway, I know that doesn't help you even a little but wanted to share my craziness anyway! Lol

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I haven't counted ... but I usually double the amount of pages the book comes with. Each child has their own book for the first year only. Then I have a family book for each calendar year. Both book types are chronological. I don't do the family book pages in chronological order, I just rearrange when I'm done with the year so the book ends up that way.

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I'm so far behind, i'm definetly not a good person to ask! I have a couple of scrapbooks filled with pages I've done so far of my daughter... my intent was to put them in chronological order, i'll do that.. someday.. when i get around to it! I don't make them in chronological order either - so that doesn't help! I just do whatever i'm in the mood to do, and figure i'll sort it out later... except that later hasn't come yet! Smile

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Each of my children have their own book for the first yesr then after that everything goes into family albums I think all together I have about 9 albums. Crazy huh?

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Kayson had two albums for his first year. I have never counted, but the books couldn't hold another page. LOL

Since then I've made 2 albums, but they include all family events, etc. I buy 3 ring binders, so I just fill them with top-loading scrapbook sheets until I can't fill any further. I actually need to get my third, because the two are packed. That is why I've switched to mostly 8.5x11 because I can't store all these albums in my little house. the 8.5x11 fit in my book shelf which is perfect.