How many pics are standard for mini album?

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How many pics are standard for mini album?

Okay...I've tried to post this three times!! UGH!! LOL I am in the process of printing pics for two x-mas projects I am wanting to do. Was going to make two mini albums as for my friend of the pics we took while she was here visiting, the other for my parents of pics of our trip to Florida. For one album there's 30 pics, for the other there's like 80. :eek: So is either of these amounts too many for a mine album, like chipboard style? If so, what else would you do??? TIA!!

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I think 80 would be too much, but you can make them as big as you'd like I guess. 30 would be better. For the mini-albums I've made I try to stick to 20-30 photos, but I get a lot of them printed in smaller sizes or crop them down. HTH!
Good luck with it.....there is no right or wrong way to create a mini, so it's completely up to you.

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The last mini album I did was 10 pages, I think I ended up with 25 pictures...most sized down for 2 or 3 per page

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You can crop the pictures down and put a bunch on a page. For example, they have the chipboards in the shape of the word Beach and you could fit several photos on each letter.