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This past weekend and week DH and I finally made the move to our new place :woohoo:. It is wonderful having our own place again and best of all I unpacked all my scrapping stuff yesterday. Its not terribly well organized but its all here and I have my scrapping space all ready for me. Its going to be a busy weekend for me with family functions but I plan on getting at least 1 LO done.

Oh and also I have discovered that my office chair has perfectly shaped arms for BFing hands free while I work.

I had to share my excitment, its been too long since I've scrapped and I am very antsy to get going.

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Congrats on having your own space again! Good luck with unpacking. Can't wait to see the new pages of your little guy!

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Yay! For everything - the new place, the chair discovery and especially being able to scrap again!

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That's GREAT! I too am already antsy, and my stuffs only been packed for less than a week!!! Congrats!

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YAY!!!! Scrapping and, I did that sooooo much when K was first born.

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that is awesome! congrats on the home, and whoo hoo on the scrap space already! and I'm loving the multipurpose chair. Wink

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congrats on the new home!! and get to those pages girl! im ready to see some! Biggrin