I was able to scrap today.....

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I was able to scrap today.....

and here is the product! Well, the first one was from late last night. I was so ready to make my "circles" page. I know it's too late, but I wanted to do it anyways.

This one I just wanted to do b/c I just loved these photos. My true southern girl!

Thanks for looking!

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Great pages! Ruthie is so cute in those 2 pics on the bottom of the "darling" page.

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I love them both but that first one is really fab. I love the title it is soooo perfect!

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oh those are soo ocute!!!
i LOVE the second one, i think that is my favorite of yours so far Smile

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Those are beautiful! I love the colors in the second one!

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Oh my goodness! I'm absolutely in love with your circles page. That is so cute! Of course the fun loving pictures make it perfect and you did a great layout. I love it. Ruthie is so cute on that horse too.

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i love the layouts!!! very pretty!
and your dd is beautiful!!!

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Gorgeous! I can't pic a fave.

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So so so so cute! I love them both! The flower on the bottom page is great...did you cut that out?

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Gorgeous pages!!!

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Oh, I am sorry I missed this! Cute pages. I love how you did the buttons and ribbons in the first one. And I really like the colors in the second one.

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"MommyCB" wrote:

The flower on the bottom page is great...did you cut that out?

Nope! Wish I could say I did! Wink I bought a little sticker thing and it came with a whole bunch of stuff to match that paper.

Thanks for all the comments ladies!

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I absolutely love your pages.... ruthie is so cute

Your siggy is awesome as well.

How did ruthie's 2nd bday party go?

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Those are really good, great job.

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Ruthie is ADORABLE!!

And I LOVE your layouts Biggrin Gorgeous!

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very pretty!! I love them both

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To quote Tony the Tiger, "They're grrrrrreat!" Lol

I love them both, couldn't pick a favorite if I had to! Great job! Biggrin