I almost died yesterday...my insane week

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I almost died yesterday...my insane week

Hey girls missed you all. I am back from the insane week of modeling. First of all the bad new is is was not a tv commercial the new girl at the agency had it wrong. The job was for a commercial print ad for Sears. Thats okay though there will be other commercials. Good news is she booked the job which is a print ad for back to school uniforms for Sears and while there they asked her to do another casual jeans and Tee ad. So monday was Kohl's tuesday Sears in Chicago which is two hours away and then yesterday Claire's in Chicago which went great. Now the part where we almost died. On the way home while I was going 65 mph on the highway my tire blew out. I was in the fast lane so the car was swerving and we almost hit the wall. I stopped the car but I was now on the wrong side of the emergency lane :eek: If that was not bad enough cars were swerving everywhere cause we were right at the top of a hill so no one could see us. I was freaking out thinking we would be hit at any second and even thought for a second I would have to run across the highway with Jazz and Damien. I yelled to Jazz to get in the middle seat and strap in cause she was sitting by the door and I thought we could get hit on her side and the other side was the cement wall! I call dh crying and he tells me to try to start up the car cause I have to move it or I would be hit. NOt thinking I say won't I ruin the rim??? DUH! Well after praying with Jazz the car started and for about a minute traffic cleared I gunned it across the highway and made it up on the exit ramp. There was a resturant right there so we got out after thanking god that we were alive and went in the resturant while waiting for dh to come. To make matters worse remember how I am going through the custody battle with Anthony's dad well I had to be at the court house for mediation at 2 and it was 1:00! This was so important I could not miss it. Dh and my fil flew to get us and gave me the other car to fly up to the courthouse. Well I made it with only being 4 min late but without my binder and paperwork and my mind cause I was so scattered from what had just happened. I sat down and the mediater was not there yet so Anthony's dad and I waited for 20 min till we got someone to call her and she forgot! All that and she forgot and was out of town. I was okay though cause I did not want to go into mediation like that. SO................................. I leave but could not go home to relax cause today is Tyson's birthday and dh and I had to get all the bday shopping done. man oh man what a week! Not to mention the $300.00 for new tires. Then this morning I wake up and throw up and I have been so tired latley so I am either way too stressed out or pregnant:) I am going to get a test so I will let you all know later. Thanks if you got this far.

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OMG Tia!! What a day!! PTL you and your kiddos were okay girl! And yay for all that work for your beautiful daughter! You'd better KUP on that test girl!! GL!!

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wow. I thought I had a bad day, but in comparison I didn't. I'm glad that you're all okay. $300 is worth it to know you're safe. I'm glad the mediator wasn't there just due to everything else. let us know as soon as you test, either way. thinking about you!

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That sounds incredibly scary, I'm glad you are all OK and the only damage is to the car. Mama needs a spa day after all that crazyness.

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Sorry about your week. I'm glad everything worked out the way it did. KUP on your test results.

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Wow! What a scary experience. I'm very thankful that you are okay. Definately worht ruining the rim rather than getting hit - phew! Glad the mediation got postponed as well, that was bad but good at the same time.

Glad the modeling went well!!!

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"MinaAriel" wrote:

Sorry about your week. I'm glad everything worked out the way it did. KUP on your test results.


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oh my gosh!!!!! that would be soooo scary!!! i'm glad you guys are ok!

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I'm glad you are ok, and you didn't get hit. That sounds so scary! I hope your week gets better.

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Thank God you are safe. Let us know what the test says.

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How scary!! I hope that you are able to rest some today.

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holy moly girl! That's soooo scary!!! I would've been a complete WRECK. :bigarmhug::bigarmhug::bigarmhug:

Please KUP on the test too! That would be so wonderful!