I am having serious withdrawals!! :)

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I am having serious withdrawals!! :)

I haven't had my stuff for 5 weeks now!!! UGH!!! We get our PODS delivered on Monday, but no telling where the box with my stuff in it is on those things and how quick it will come off. I hope it's one of the first ones out. I got my two free carts finally right before we moved and am DYING to get my bug so I can try them out!!

Oh and I found out there is an Archivers about 20 minutes from me. Can you even??? LOL I am so going there!! Smile

Thanks for letting me vent. Smile

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Hugs. At least absence is making the heart grow fonder, right? Smile

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Awww so sorry you're going through withdrawal. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you find your scrapbooking stuff in one of the first tries.

Even if u dont get a chance to scrapbook definitely keep checking in and kup.... we miss u

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Carrie, we miss you being able to scrap too!!!!! Crossing my fingers for you.

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You'll be a scrapping machine once you finally get your stuff! Smile

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I completely understand, I was in your shoes not long ago. Let me tell you though the creative juices really do build up and I'm sure you will have some amazing stuff to show for it soon. Go to Archivers (or wherever) and treat yourself to a few things, nothing like building the excitment.

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I bet you are! I hope you find the box soon. Or wait, maybe you should find it last so the others get unpacked!!

I'm green with envy that you are that close to an archivers. :bigsad:

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I need to go to an Archivers, it sounds ace. There are none over here! Sad

That's pants about your stuff being inaccessible. Just make sure you remember to eat and sleep once you get it back! Wink

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Wait, you're 20 minutes from an Archivers?!?!?!? That's soooooo awesome!!! LOL, Jim may not think so but we sure do. Wink haha

I'm dying for you to get your stuff out too. It seems like ages since we've seen any pages from you! Maybe you'll inspire me again. I've been in such a slump!

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I've been missing seeing your work around here! Can't wait til you are back in the swing of things. Not long now!:D

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Hope you've been doing some sketches for when you've got ur stuff! I'm dying to go to an Archivers to see what the excitement is about.

Good Luck unpacking!

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not much longer now since you have the boxes. but 5 weeks is a long time!!!!! I'd be in serious withdrawal too. heck, I haven't cropped since the VC and I'm jonesing too. Wink