I am loving this!

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I am loving this!

OK, I have never gotten two pages done in one night...ok, I may have, but I don't remember it LOL!

And I feel like this one needs something on the top. WHat do you think?? Would it be too overdone??

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Those are cute! And there is no such thing as a page being too overdone IMO Blum 3 well..in my book anyways... lol im the queen of overdone I think.. haha Maybe a title on the 2nd one? Smile

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I think they both look great! The second one could or couldnt use something, it looks great as it is but I dont think it can be "overdone" at all!

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Awww, they are great. I love the colors on the that second one.

I was thinking you might want to change the font color on that second one, and maybe contain the font on top of just the bottom paper. I don't think it really needs something on top, but a title would work.

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They look great, love the second one with all the torn pages.

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I think both turned out cute!

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Char - you've been busy! Love how you already did a page for the new baby bean. Wink For the second, I'd stick the Caps graphic in the top right corner. That's the beauty of digi pages, easy to embellish with things you can get from websites (like the team's site). I'd also shadow your journaling in white so that it's easier to read, or change the font color altogether, or journal on a rectangular translucent paper. It's just really hard to read with the black text. But really cute page!

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those look great