I am SO proud of Eli....

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I am SO proud of Eli....

he used his potty by himself today...like i didn't even know he used it! He woke up from his nap and i took him to the potty. he piddled a little bit. so i let him go play. about an hour later I went to the bathroom and it was full! (yes it was pee and not water lol)

This is WAY easier then i thought it was going to be. I guess I got him when he was ready...

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CONGRATS!!! that is so exciting!

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so in about a year can i send Ryan your way and you teach him to pee in the potty? Biggrin way to go Eli!!

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lol Sure Ashley. I'd love to have Ryan for a week :love1:

Honestly, I think he was just ready and I caught him at the right time. I would recommend a book though. it's called, Potty Train in Three days. http://www.amazon.com/Potty-Train-Three-Days-Kleint/dp/0971639906/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1240613137&sr=8-1

Also, i'm a SAHM and i really think it helps. If you do work, i would suggest taking a friday or monday off so you can have a FULL 3 days with your baby. At first, it's you learning his cues. and then once he starts recognizing the feeling of having to go they need to learn to tell you. Right now, eli whines and grabs himself. lol He hasn't said the words yet. dh expects " Mother, I need to use the restroom please." LOL (jk of course) and i don't know why, but we always say it with a british accent lol

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YAY Eli!! Glad its going so smooth!

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