I caved...

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I caved...

and started a blog...eek!

No pics yet, but I set it up and posted something for now. I am now following some of you who have your blogs in your siggies or who have posted links to them before. However, it was taking a while to search around and click to everyone's (and then click on some of their "followers" that looked like familiar faces). Anyway, feel free to check it out, become a follower, or whatever. I will try to add some more of you ladies over the next few days.


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thanks for the reminder that I'm overdue for updating mine. Lol

My blog is similar, it's a showcase for my creative life. Yes, I share some of the family stuff too, but that's not the end goal. I wanted ONE place that I could always update with the thinks I make or do. I don't know about you, but I just think it's nice to have something that's MINE and not revolved around the kids. I want it revolved around ME. Well, not me, but what I do.

So, in reading your first post, it looks like that's similar. It's a place for YOU. A place to see what you creat, and at times, HOW you create. I think it's great that you're doing it.

But I will be the first to admit, I SUCK at checking blogs. If you ever create a post that you want us to see, please start a thread and send us there. Smile

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yeah I will probably suck at checking them too...since I already have so many online things to keep up with.

I will still post my creations here...but the details along with the pics will go on the blog

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I'm a follower now too. Wink Welcome to blogging! I am bad about keeping mine totally up-to-date and checking on others', but I will try.

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I'll go follow you. I used to blog, but I stopped and started so many times I finally just quit. I started to make a new one for the project 365 photos, but just decided to stick with facebook instead.

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You need Google Reader! Google it and you'll find it right away - you add in all the blog addresses you want to keep tabs on and it shows the posts all in one spot so you don't have to worry about finding all the blogs again.

Here is my blog: http://scrapaholicanon.blogspot.com

It's badly neglected.

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My blog is really just scrapping for now. I also use it for other projects like sewing. I don't post pictures or updates on it because I have Andrea's webpage for that.