I did it!!!

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I did it!!!

I figured out how to create the frames that I wanted to make. I made them, recolored them, saved them as png's and figured out how to zip and upload them (with some help from a few wonderful ladies on this board!)

So, I wanted to share them. Smile Check it out

I used it to create a 12 month page for Scout (you can see what I've done so far in my blog)

To download you will have to go to my blog. I'm really trying to get people to read it! Lol


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PS - someone who has time please download and let me know that it worked for you! Thanks bunches!

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First, you have the most beautiful home!! OMG, I love older homes! Such charm and character. You've done a marvelous job it looks like. And your poor hand. Sad Ok, I know that's nothing to do with the templates, but I had to comment on your cute blog.

That's great you made the templates! Not a digi scrapper here, but how cool is it that you created your very own?!? Great job!

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Thanks, Charys!

I have only recently found out how fun blogs can be. I never would have started one if it weren't for digital scrapbooking. Smile There are all kinds of freebies on blogs, and they talk about... well everything! I figured it couldn't hurt to talk about my stuff - and it's kind of like journaling for me.

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The frames turned out great, but the negative space is still filled with white.

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yay for figuring it out! I just figured out how to use downloaded fonts today with help from here too so I'm pretty happy about that. LOL

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They look great! the negative space is still filled with white here to

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First of all, congrats on creating your frames! I think they look great.

And I just have to add I am totally jealous of all of your porches. I would love to have a porch!

Sorry about your hand Sad

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Oh noooooo!!!

I use Picture It and I saved as a png file - it worked for me on picture it. Will have to do some investigating to figure out how to fix it. Grrrrr.... silly technology

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I think the frames are adorable! **off to read your blog**