I did it!!!

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I did it!!!

I didn't take a before picture because it.was.awful.

Seriously, there was no shelf and you couldn't see the table, floor or bed that isn't in the picture.

I'm not finished but I can actually scrap here now! We tested the sound of the cricut (because it's right next to P's room) and you can't hear it with his humidifier on so I can scrap anytime Smile

The shelf is the one I posted about before! I ended up figuring it out and did 98% of the work myself. DH just held the shelf up when I needed to screw it in. I'm really pleased with it. There is still some stuff on the bed but really nothing but some paper and scraps. Anyway, I'm thrilled to have a room to call my own! It is the spare room so there is a full sized bed but other than that, it's MINE!

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WOO HOO! That's GREAT! Looks like a wonderful place to scrap! I am woking on my room too, but it's oh so slow in getting done. We still need to buy flooring for it.

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Yay! Looks great!:D

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Megan, that looks GREAT!!!! I love your storage containers and shelves. YAY!!!

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Wow! That's an awesome space!

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Congrats Meg!!

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Wonderful new space! Yay for tackling and finishing such a big job!

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Looks great!!!! Glad you figured out the shelf!!