I feel dumb..funny....

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I feel dumb..funny....

After a very long day of errands I get home and check the mail. There is this box in there that says not broken rattle ok....First I think I didn't order a rattle from anyone. I continue to think saying I don't know an Ashley ***** Then I think Ebay...hmmm everything I have ordered has arrived. Oh wait...it's my eyelet setter. HAHA hair treatment brain moment.

Thanks Ash can't wait to play and figure it out. Thanks for the directions Smile

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funny! can't wait to see what you create. Smile

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Smile Sounds like something I'd do!

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haha ROFL

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LOL, I need to get me one of those to play with too.

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ROFL Ok, I did not write that on the box. LMAO!! It must have been the post office girl. She was helping me find a box, that one was a tight fit, and then she taped it shut and was like laughing because it sounded like it was broken from all the eyelets rattling around in there. LOL! She must have written that on there after I left. So funny! I hope my directions are clear and you figure it out!!!