I finally have a scrap space! (pics)

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I finally have a scrap space! (pics)

I am so excited to finally have my own scrap space. I have been bugging DH to let me buy a desk and now that there are back to school sales going on, we got a nice one on sale! I started out scrapping in the baby's room on a tv tray but I outgrew that. So, I moved to the kitchen table but that meant we couldn't use the kitchen table because it was such a hassle to clean it up. So now....presenting.....Shelly's Scrap Spot!!



I forgot to take a before picture of all my stuff, but trust me when I say it was chaos. Now I know where everything is and it's mine! All mine!!


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Yay for having your own scrap space. I am insanely jealous. Hopefully in a few months time I'll have a space of my own.

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:woohoo: How exciting. Congrats on the new space!

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How fun! I am also super jealous!!!

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So nice! I love the desk, and how you have everything organized. It makes scrapbooking so much easier in my opinion. Yay for you! Yahoo

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Exciting! Love the desk!

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YAY! That's GREAT! I can't wait til mine is completed!! We have been working on creating an entire room in our basement for my crafts!

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Yahoo Yahoo!! Congrats:D

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nice!! its always great to have your own little space

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how nice to have your own space! congrats! now get scrapping!!

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Woohoo! That's great! WTG for scrap spaces!

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Love your space!:D

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Wohoo! Enjoy it!

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CUTE! I am sure you will love it. I have a whole upstairs with 3 extra rooms and I STILL don't have a scrap space. One day.....one day.....

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It looks great and so clean! Smile

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Congrats! Good luck keeping it clean:) That's my problem...