I get to get...

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I get to get...

more paper today!!!! YAAAAA

Rob is going to take me to my favorite scrapbook store and I get to get more paper!! I am excited!!! I really needed new/more paper. I love going into that store... The paper is super cheap too.. Unlike Micheals... I went in there the other day and the paper was like a dollar a sheet.. and the exact same paper at the store I am going to today is like 45 cents...

And all there cartridges range from 45 to 65... not like micheals who charge 119 for all their cartridges... It sucks..

I'm lucky it is about a 30 minute drive to that store or I would go everyday!

Just had to share my excitement!

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Yay. Have fun. I need more paper too, but mostly cardstock so luckily that is fairly cheap, especially at Joanns where I'm going today.

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Oooo! I love getting new stuff! Unfortunately I dont NEED any new paper Wink but I cant pass up a good deal! Have Loads of fun! And show us your loot when you come back!

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have fun and post what you get!

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I love paper!!! Just gives me a rush to go down the aisle. Smile

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LOL Kelly! I'm the same way. Wink

YAY for getting more paper! Post pics of your loot.

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I love how excited you were. hooray for paper!

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Yay! That's awesome! Can't wait to see what you create with it! Smile

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So what's the name of this store anyway??? LOL Hope you got all you wanted plus some!