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    Default I get some time

    to sit down and work on some pages and I have a complete brain fart!! Here are some of my recent attempts

    BTW-Sorry I have MIA lately I have been preparing for an exam and really haven't had any time for fun stuff

    I try to do one page to start each section of Kadens book. His first book is all of his first year pictures. I really like this page, but I hate my handwriting

    These pictures have tortured me for months (Gwen, I tried to do this page at the crop)

    I love this picture, but I know I need something along the blue paper on the bottom...any ideals??
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    And I just flat out hate this one
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    Scrapbooking is suppose to be fun.....not so much work!

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    Sometimes I get really stressed out about scrapping and that is when I need to just take a few minutes and relax. It IS supposed to be fun. 1) I like it. I think your handwriting is cute. However, if it upsets you, then try to print off that part and matte it. I do that often. 2) I like the LO of this one. Maybe try matting the pics. I don't know though. 3) Add journaling on the bottom. That might be the thing you think is missing. 4) I like it, but if you hate it, try some journaling. It can be something simple as stating how your babe loving sucking on things.
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    aww those are great!!!!!!!!

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    you should come crop with me again. do I say that enough? ha ha ha

    anyhow, I think all of those pages are cute! and your handwriting is nice, actually. if it bugs you, either print it out or use the cricut (do you still have it in your possession?). with the 2 peas in a pod one, you do need something else. do you have a relevant embellishment? or if you have another picture of Shane and Kaden doing something together like that, you can add it there.

    and the YUM one is so cute, I wonder why you don't like it?
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    Hey Charlotte! You are too hard on yourself! (but I understand, I am the same way)
    1) This one is too cute. I think your handwriting is cute too, but I agree with the others. Maybe you can print it off or something?
    2) Flat out adorable! Don't change a thing.
    3)I agree it does need something esle. A ribbon across the middle of that green paper strip might be enough.
    4) I agree with Gwen. This one is too cute. Maybe one more embellishment or some journaling in that lower left corner?

    Great pages girlie!

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    I think they are great, the photos are awesome. I know it is a bit harder to experiment with paper layouts but what about some glitter or doodles to fill in some of the spots you don't like as much?

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