I got electrocuted today!

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I got electrocuted today!

Ha! Thought that would make you open this thread. ROFL

I went for my nerve study today. Boy that was alot of fun.... uh not!!! It's definitely Carpal Tunnel. I see the doctor next Wednesday to find out what next. My plan is to hold off on surgery for a while if he says that's ok. I've slept in the splints every night and that really has helped. They are a pain in the neck b/c they rub on the sheets but I'm going to sew me some kind of sleeve or tube to slide over them so the velcro doesn't catch on everything. Anyway, not that big of a deal if I can manage it without surgery.

Happy Easter!

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I've done those nerve studies and they are absolutely NO fun. Glad the splints at night are helping!

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yep, you had me opening this right up! I was worried! LOL
Yuck for getting zapped but I hope this means you don't have to have surgery ever.

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that doesn't sound fun at all. but again, better than arthritis. and I bet you'll come up with a good solution for the velcro. Wink

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Good to hear you have a diagnosis at least girl. Hope those splints continue to do their work.

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Go to a chiropractor. I'm serious. I've had two co-workers who had carpal tunnel. Its a sad side effect for many secretaries. Both of them went to chiropractors. Two to three sessions later, after they cracked their necks, no more carpal tunnel. I know it sounds unbeleivable but it works.

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I'm glad it's not arthritis! Hopefully you won't need surgery either and can find other relief :bigarmhug:

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You are too funny. Glad to hear you know for sure now. Hoping surgery is NOT in your future!