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I am so excited! First off Hobby lobby has all paper, stickers and rubber stamps 50% off.
I have been wanting to go sb shopping since I cleaned out my scrapbook room. On Saturday I was going to go to my lss but dh said he felt sick:confused: Man cold, anyway so I was like dang, I really wanted to scrapbook tonight and then he laughed and said yeah cause if you don't go you have nothing to scrap with. LOL, I knew I should not have re-stocked my room. When it was all put away it was so empty in there. Anyhow the next day I went. I got 35.00 worth of stuff but since I had my 10.00 coupon and another take 5 off I only paid 20.00!!! Then today I went to Hobby Lobby where the total would have been 40.00 but since everything I got was 50% off I only paid 20.00 again. So 40 bucks for 75.00 worth of products!!!:D I took Damien with since he is in the cast and he was great. To make things better he learned to walk!!!!! Jazzy is working for Kohl's today but since I don't want to leave Damien I am having dh take her Sad Thats okay the last thing I need after already gaining 13 lbs is to see her fake skinny mom model ROFL Anyhow hope to scrap soon just had to share Smile

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YAY! I'm selfishly happy because it means we get to see new creations from you. ROFL I miss Tia layouts!!!

As for you gaining 13 lbs....that's not bad at all. I bet you're the cutest pregnant lady...take pics!!!!!

So awesome that Damien is walking. Aren't kids just amazing? They don't let anything daunt them.

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sounds awesome! Can hardly wait to see your work! Biggrin

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Wow girl! You got some super good deals! Yay for you! Bet you got lots of fun stuff huh? Glad to hear Damien is walking...little guys are so tough. Smile Glad to hear Jazzy is back in the "game" too. Sounds like things are going well for you.

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awesome deals! your husband is so supportive of your hobby, I wish I had that going for me here. and I'm so glad that Damien's walking with the cast. little kids are so resilient!

how's our buddy Tyson doing?