I had big plans...

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I had big plans...

to scrap all summer...
sadly... I did not scrap once this summer!

But we've been in school for 18 days and I have done a little...

I am addicted to vinyl!!!! and making cute stuff for school with it!
I have done a little scrapping for baby shower decorations at school!
By December we will have had 9 babies born at my elementary school in 2010~ ai yi yi!!!

Now if I could just scrap my newest ULTRASOUND pictures!!!!
Cal wil be a big brother in December!!! and It's a GIRL!!!!

Back tomorrow with picks of some of what I have done!

I've lurked but not posted!
Cute stuff this summer ladies! Bravo!

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I think a LOT of us have taken scrapping sabbaticals this summer. I have scrapped, but very little. Smile

Congrats on your baby girl! How exciting!!

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Congratulations on your baby girl! I'm also having fun with vinyl, it's so fun to be able to do things yourself with it!

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CONGRATS on your little girl. I too love vinyl and have done a little bit in my classroom. I would like to do more, but haven't thought of any good ideas! I would love to see some pics!

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Congratulations on team pink!!!! Biggrin

I have barely scrapped this summer either. Too busy!! Smile

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Congratulations on your baby girl!

I have all my scrap stuff packed as we are supposed to be buying a house this week, that's not happening but we will hopefully close sometime in the near future still.

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congrats! that's exciting news!!!

I've barely gotten to scrap this summer too, sucks. I can't wait for school to start as I plan to get into a routine for scrapping at least once a week.

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oh me too! I wish I could get back into scrapbooking weekly. Glad you checked in and CONGRATS on your upcoming GIRL!!! Woohoo!