I have scrapped a little (4 pages)

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I have scrapped a little (4 pages)

I really have done some, mostly to keep on top of my CT stuff. All 4 of the pages were for 3scrapateers team.

I finished these two tonight. I like the primary colors, don't use them often enough with a girl Wink

Love this picture, glad to finally scrap it

Happy with how this turned out.

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what cute pages!! Biggrin Love the colors! i love the second one!

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Love them!! Especially the second on with the little fairy. How cute!

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LOVE the ball ones the best! The colors are great, but the pics, OMG!!! LOVE them!! What a cool daddy!! They are all good though Stephanie..good job!

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Love the colors of the fairy one! So pretty!!!

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Love the pic of Andrea in the 2nd one and the ribbon around the pic in the 3rd. She also looks so cute bouncing on that ball!

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Love the fairy page too, very nice!

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love them! My fave is the second one too but they are all good Biggrin

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I love the third one the best with the ribbon around the photos. The photo of Andrea for the fairy princess one is amazing, such an adorable expression on her face.

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i love them!! i really like the 3rd one! nice!

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they are all great Stephanie!! I LOVE the bear from DeDe Smith!! I have downloaded some of her freebies, but I always forget about them when I scrap. You have motivated me to use one of her bears when I scrap my next page!! I also think the fairy one is really beautiful as well!! (Andrea is so darn adorable in that picture!)

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too cute! I love that second one, it's perfect! and the last one with the bows, that's too sweet.

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My favorite is the Fairy one! So darling! The cloud, the colors of the paper, the picture, everything is so cute.

Great job on all of them! (and for doing them in the midst of all that's going on in your life....kudos to you!) :eek:

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Great pages! The first ones have such fun colors for a fun memory. The second one is my favorite, though! It's so sweet and delicate. Love the fairies! And that picture is darling!

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ITA with everyone that the second is my favorite - that picture is so adorable (and so is that hat!!!) Great job - you're right, with a girl I forget to use primary colors too.