I just need to talk (OT) UPDATE

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I just need to talk (OT) UPDATE

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oh hun..... :bigarmhug: What a horrible situation all around. I am so sorry you have been thrown back into the drama with her....and I am ever so sorry for what Isaiah is being put through because of her and her pathetic antics. I will most definitely keep Isaiah in my prayers. That boy deserves a forever home asap. I'm glad T has the heart to keep trying and hopefully this will finally be stopped once and for all. I'll be praying for you and Greg too....how hard on you guys Sad :bigarmhug:

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I am in total shock that someone can even act that way, it's sickening. Hopefully the lawyers will let you know if there is any way to help. How scary to think that there may be other children involved with this lady, and that she may be doing this to other families. You, Greg Isaiah, and T are in my prayers :bigarmhug:

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WOW that poor child. Honestly I will pray for all of those children as well as T. This lady does not seem fit to be a parent. I am so surprised sometimes with how the system works. Stay strong.

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Kelly big hugs to you! There is a reason you received those emails. God might be telling you something. I'll pray for Isaiah and for you and DH. I pray that God puts Isaiah in the right home.

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Kelly, thank you for sharing this with us. My heart hurts for Isaiah, and for all of the families involved. I think you're right in praying for T and her family ... if he's been with them for so long, I think he needs continued stability. But I hurt for you, because in your heart he's still your son too. That poor little boy, I will pray for him. And I will pray that M gets help, she needs it.

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Kelly, I can't imagine the turmoil that must be going thru your mind knowing that this little boy that you love is in such a situation. I hope child services does something and he's able to be adopted by a loving family. Big hugs to you!

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praying for Isaiah's safety and for you and Greg!

Btw, I think it's amazing that your love for Isaiah is one that loves above and beyond the situation to think only of his safety and well-being!

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I'm so glad that you both talked to your attorneys ... I will continue to pray for him.

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Sending out prayers right now Kelly! I am so sorry girl. You are such an amazing, inspirational woman. And I am so grateful to call you friend. Smile

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Kelly, you and T will both be in my prayers:bigarmhug:

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I'm so sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't even know what to say. My tears are heartfelt and real. He is blessed to have some wonderful families fighting for him! I will pray that God places him in a "real" home where he can be loved and cared for, quickly.

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Kelly I'm still praying that God put's Isaiah in the right place. You are such a remarkable woman to get involved in the situation for Isaiah's safety and well being.