I knew you'd understand

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I knew you'd understand

Gosh I must still be overly emotional from having a baby. I really am not a crier. I don't cry at movies, etc. So it's rather embarrassing how depressed I am right now and that I can't stop tearing up.

My scrapbooking store is closing. I learned to card craft there. Any crop I ever go to is there. Whenever I need to use the cricut, I go there. I buy all my cute individual papers there and some of my embellishments. (Cardstock and glue I always got in bulk elsewhere)

And now May 31st is her last day. I couldn't go to the big crop this year because it's the same days as Pastor's Wives Retreat. Now I'll never get to go to another crop there. Sad

Business was booming there. She offered so much stuff. I understand why she's selling... after 11 years, she can work 4 days a week for 8 hours and be done, vs 10-12 hour days 6-7 days a week she is now. But still. I feel almost betrayed. It is such a well known and popular business. Even if someone else buys it, it won't be the same.

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Sad How sad!!! I'd be devasted if something like that closed in my town too...not that we have a SB store but still.
Maybe someone good will take it over. I know it won't be the same, but atleast you'd still have a store.

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oh wow! that is kinda sad!!! so sorry hun!

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I can understand your emotion and saddness Michelle. :bigarmhug:

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I too can understand. Our local sb'ing store closed down too. Now I didn't go there as often or crop there, but it sure was nice having a store close by for those quick drive through times. Now, we have to drive 1 hour to get to HL or Michael's. :confused: :bigarmhug:

BTW...did you ever get the milk bags?

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that is sad, and I totally understand. I remember when my LSS closed, they didn't even have someone else to take over. I learned a lot from mine too. I saw the former owner at the grocery store the other day, but she didn't see me. I wanted to say hi, but had crazy kids in tow so didn't.

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:bigarmhug: If my fave online scrapbooking site closed, I'd be just as devestated!

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Sadie, yes I did get the bags. I thought I had mentioned that you've been a HUGE help by giving me those since I have to replace my entire milk stock with Josiah's stomach problems. (All the previously pumped milk has soy in it and I'm off soy for him) Thank you!

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I'm so sorry, hon. I know the feeling