I know I have been MIA.

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I know I have been MIA.

Sorry Ladies! Between work and home life, I haven't had much time to scrap or post on here. I got a new job, I am a photographer for The Picture People and I absolutely love it! I don't think I could have a better job, well maybe one that paid a little more Wink My mother in law had knee replacement surgery yesterday and I did this as gift for her today...

I also bought a frame to put it in but I had to wait for the paint to dry.

here is a close up of my son's hand

UGH! I can tell you whats not a good idea, trying to paint your 9 month olds hand and trying to put it down on the paper without him moving and smearing it by yourself!! But I did my best and I know she will love it anyways. Just wanted to share.

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That is great! I did that ( stamping my sons hand ) for my husband when my son was 9 months too. LOL. He wanted to close his hand up and feel the paint.

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Love the hand print, it's a great touch!

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It looks great, I'm sure she will just love it!

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It is perfect. She will adore it. The handprint came out just fine Smile

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WOO HOO for a good job that you like! Wink Love the special gift! She will adore it!

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what a great gift! Hope she recovers quickly. I love the Picture People.. i have to take Cadence to get some more updated professional pictures actually... they do some great work! The gift looks really good!! (I tried to do my daughter's print when she was about 7 months old too - that brought back memories... i ended up doing her feet instead if that tells you anything!) LOL

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The handprint added such a personal touch!!! LOVE THAT IDEA!! I'm definitely going to have to steal it! I love it!

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i love it... and i'm sure she will too.
great idea and the handprint looks great it's like his own little signature before he could write

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She will love it! I hope she has a quick recovery!

You should check these out!
They are the *BEST* for stamping little kids' hands and feet. We used these at the daycare I worked at.

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Amanda - I bet she loves it! Hope she's doing well post-surgery. And cool job!!!!! I always thought that would be a fun job (most of the time).