i know this isn't scrapping but....

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i know this isn't scrapping but....

the sewing board is dead!!! LOL I have morphed my bible cover design to have a liner so that it feels thicker and sturdier. I also added a ribbon marker, and a quilted pattern to the cover. Here are pictures. This is for my new 4x6 KJV bible. Smile I carry it in my purse.

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oooh I love how you did it quilted! Great job!!!:D

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that looks terrific, Liz!

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I like the quilted, good job!!!

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Very nice!

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thats very nice Smile great job
feel free to share more I don't mind, I love seeing how creative everyone is scrabooking or anything else Smile

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Awww, that looks really nice. I can see why you love to sew. Your cover turned out beautiful. I especially love the added place marker - nice touch.