I Love My Cricut!!

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I Love My Cricut!!

made these for my mom today.
shes doing a raffle at our portuguese feast thats coming up next weekend Biggrin
(any excuse to use my Cricut hehe)

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Cool Beckie!!!

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very cool Smile

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those are neat!

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Any excuse to break out the bug, eh?! They turned out cool! Smile

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Those are really cool, I bet your mom will love it. Why not use the cricut for everything and anything you can, those look a whole lot better than handwritten signs.

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Those turned out really fantastic! I'm impressed! I hope it makes you want to jump into paper scrapbooking a bit. I'd love to see your style in paper, because you have such a cool style.

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Very neat!

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Those turned out great! Glad you're enjoying your bug!

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