I love my DH!

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I love my DH!

Well today was suppose to be my day off but I got suckered into working a Mid managemnet shift...basically 11am to 9pm. Blah.

Anywho I always read the ads in the paper on Sunday morning and ACMoore had 4 specific cartridges for $29.99 and 1 of them I wanted more than any other. So I mentioned to DH I wanted the Home Decor one so when I got home from work he throws it in my lap and says Merry Christmas...

I politely said you can't do that. So he said I love you Smile LOL. So I have a new Cart to play with. YIPPY!

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what an awesome DH!!! happy new cart to you!

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Woohoo for a dh that understands! Smile Although had he been female he would have wrapped it up for you too (and not just thrown it in your lap lol - I laughed at that part). Can't wait to see what you create with it!

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WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOO!!! home decor is one of my faves!! I'd love to buy it one day! That was very sweet of your DH. Smile

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How cool!!! Congrats!!

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woo hoo!!! thats awesome!! and what a great deal!

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just the thought that he went out to the store and bought it for you! He could have just said go get it or gave you money but he got it himself, what a great dh Smile

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How sweet! I had to laugh at his presentation though:)

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Yahoo He's a keeper! Biggrin

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That's awesome! He sounds like a keeper! Biggrin