I love Shopping

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I love Shopping

Apparently my DH never says NO....so I just buy. Smile Today for AC Moore I had 2 50% any item qs and 1 25% off everything so I got

48 sheets of cardstock 12x12
120 pages of 12 x12 pressed petals paper pad
180 pgs designer paper pad
180 sheets of my minds eye designer paper
2 mat stacks one is luxury and one is glittery
2 vellum quotes stacks
2 pkgs of different colored brads

All for $86

I'm so excited. I'd be in there scrapping right now but we rented 7 pounds so I'll be scrapping tomorrow evening.

Thanks for letting me share.

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Oh and since I had to do 3 seperate purchases to use my coupon I got 3 more 50% off 1 Item qs for next Saturday Biggrin

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WTG on the shopping trip! and thats awesome 3 more 50% off coupons!!!!

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Yay for good deals. I went shopping today too, but my stuff was boring cardstock and a few things from the dollar bins.

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oh my! What an awesome shopping spree!!!!! You're going to have so much fun...can't wait to see all you do.

PS I LOVED 7 Pounds. One of my faves this year!

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JEALOUS!! I'm in need of a scrapping shopping trip! Not that I need anything, BUT!! Good for you!

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Woohoooo, that's awesome! Can we switch hubby's - just for a day? Smile

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you got a bunch of fun stuff!! im OBSESSED with brads right now so i cant wait to see what you do with them!!

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wow! it sounds like your dh spoils you!! that's awesome! enjoy your new goodies!

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sweet!! I went to AC Moore yesterday and bought a punch with my coupon. Smile didn't even think to bring my 25% off coupon, duoh! then I went to Jo-Ann's and bought even more stuff.

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fun! Biggrin I went shopping yesterday too for scrap stuff. My fave thing was a vellum quote book Biggrin