I made a box!

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I made a box!

All of you who have made exploding boxes inspired me! I stopped at Micheal's this afternoon and got cardstock and a scoring blade for my paper cutter. By the way, I am sooo glad I have a paper cutter! The way I cut things, it may have been tragic otherwise. So, I don't have any printed pictures yet (will be ordering those soon!) but I do have a box. I spent most of the night doing it, so I had to show it off! I'll show it to you after I get pictures later. I learned that I will not be inking the edges because I am not great at it (will cover the stray marks with pictures and stuff later), what adhesives to use, and that I have way more paper scrapping stuff than I remembered! I nearly bought some paper and embellishments as well, but I decided to look in my craft boxes first and I am sooo glad I did! So I think I will be making more of these for Christmas presents. I'm planning an assembly line because it just seems like it'll be easier that way. Lol

Here's what I did tonight:

Will be writing something on the top - not sure what yet!

Thanks for looking and a special thanks to Karen for posting the link to the instructions!

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I got a shout out! Biggrin lol. Aren't I such a dork? Small things really please me. lol

You did it! Great work. I love the colour combo you chose Biggrin

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That looks GREAT!! I want to make some as well. I am not good at measuring things so I am a bit worried about constructing one.

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That is awesome Carrie!!! I too love the color combination. That is what I struggled with, but you got it spot on. Great work!!

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Thanks gals! My color combo key was getting a package of coordinating cardstock! lol!

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It looks great Carrie!

I may have to try and do some for christmas presents

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You are such a follower! LOL

These really are such a cool design and I think people love them as gifts!

I really like your color combos as well. Smile

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That looks awesome! I was scared to use anything other than black cardstock lol. Can't wait to see it with the pictures!

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great job!!!!! I'm impressed. Smile I really need to give this a try.

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great job I love it!!!!

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thats awesome!! love it!

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got my wallets printed today - $20 made enough prints for 10 boxes. 9 for gifts and one for me! It may be the weekend before I can work on them any more... Thanksgiving and all you know.