I made a template! Edited with new link for individual PNG files

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I made a template! Edited with new link for individual PNG files

I made a template! I got so many comments in all my galleries about my newest layout for the July mini-challenge that I decided to turn it into a template ...

You can snag it by going to 4shared


Here's the link to the zip folder with all the individual PNG files:

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very cool. I don't do digital but may lift the idea anyway Biggrin

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That was really great of you!

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I agree with Karen! I may lift the idea for paper scrapbooking.

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Oh my gosh! That is so awesome! I love you, Trina! You rock!

(did I use enough exclamation marks?!?!?!?!)


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You are great Trina I have been trying to find something to use this is great!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you!