I may sound cheap but...

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I may sound cheap but...

I was just looking at Walmart.ca at how much replacement mats cost for future reference...my machine uses the 6x12...the 6x12's cost $10....the 12x12s cost $13...do you think it would work to cut a 12x12 in half with a good pair of scissors and have 2? LOL...I don't really use the guidelines anyway on the mat measurements...

e.t.a i mean the cricut mats, sorry

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That actually sounds like a really good idea.

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it could work...would be worth a try! also, don't know if you remember us mentioning it before, but when the mats lose their stick, you can wash or wipe them off, then use a zig 2 way glue stick to coat it in sticky again. If you don't remember seeing that before, I can try to dig up the old link/instructions someone posted. I haven't bought a new mat in a LONG time! Oh and the 6x12 are usually 2 packs...are the 12x12 also 2 packs?

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Definitely do the glue trick!!!! I use my mats until they are just not useable anymore, because I am cheap, too! Biggrin I am for sure going to try the glue trick next time the sticky gets worn off of mine.

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I think that's for two!! I've always gotten 2 mats with mine.

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Again Karen, things are cheaper down here in the good ol' USofA... Wink So........if you want me to order you some, let me know! It's not a problem in the slightest and I'd love doing it for you!
But that sounds like a good idea...I hadn't thought of that before!

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Karen, get the vellum spray. It works like magic, just one spray and you have a new mat. My sister uses it all the time.

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Yep, wiping it down with a baby wipe and then letting it dry before replacing the cover does WONDERS!! I just recently used the glue on mine and it has worked better than the original stickiness. Smile I have had my mat since last Christmas. Wink

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They should come in packs of two.
The baby wipe trick really does help a lot. I was amazed the first time I tries it.
I think that I may be just about ready to try the glue trick though as it is starting to lose a lot of the sticky.

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I wouldn't cut a big one in half ... the wheels of the machine need the non-sticky part to roll on. I mean, I guess you could put tape on the edges to make that work.

but the baby wipes really help mine last. And then there's the zig 2 way glue method that Charys has shared (there might be a link in the sticky). also, watch ebay. That's where I get mine most of the time - good deals are to be had.

my mats last me a long time though when I wipe them down on a regular basis. make sure your blade isn't set too low and that the pressure is customized for the paper. if you're cutting too deep, you'll go through mats faster. I found that it was trial and error before I knew the right settings for each paper.

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I agree with Gwen, you do need the non-sticky side, but if you can find a way around it, go for it! I also agree with the wipee and the glue!