I need a birthday cake...

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I need a birthday cake...

I need a digital scrapbooking birthay cake. If someone can send me in a direction for one....freebies are always better, but I might pay for one if it's cute enough. Smile

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Cake ... harder to find than you'd think!

There is a 'piece' of cake in this freebie kit:

Cupcake in this freebie kit:

This one is only $2:

There is a cupcake in this kit by Ziggle scraps that I have:
It should be going on sale sometime in the near future, she hasn't had her turn at the 12 days of Christmas yet (the sale they're doing, most of them have been 40-50% off for the day).

This one is cute, too: http://www.designerdigitals.com/ecom/product_info.php/products_id/3339

Weeds & Wildflowers also have a party collection with cupcakes in it, but you have to buy the entire collection ($16 on sale) in order to get the party one, which isn't available separately, so that's pretty pricey.

I had other 'cakes' on my hard drive from freebies, but the links are expired, so that's no help.

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Thank you so much! Smile