i need help PLEASE

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i need help PLEASE

I made these pages yesterday for Eli's one year scrapbook (to be ready by april 19th for his party!!! and i just started lol) Well i took the simple route instead of my normal LOTS of embellishments, and apparently i don't know how to do simple because these pages look like crap lol i could use some serious help! (sorry for the glare)

(sorry some of them are HUGE photobucket isn't working properly right now)

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Awww, sweety, I don't think your pages look terrible at all. Looking at the first page, I can see that it doesn't have as much on it as you usually have, but it is simple like you said. It has plent of stuff on it to keep it from looking plain. I like the button design, maybe you could just add a few more buttons around the picture, but you don't need to. Or maybe print out the journaling rather than handwriting. The second one looks like a different shaped page, I kept waiting for the rest of it to load? It is perfect though. You chose good colors and I really like the journaling/title. the third one is perfect. I love how you did the strips for the writing. There is nothing I would change. I do think the next two could use a couple of embelishments, not much, but maybe a couple of flowers, one on each or a small cluster? Again, it is not necessary. The layouts are both very pretty. The last one is cute - love the lion and bright colors.

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you are being way too hard on yourself. I think they look really nice. simple is GOOD!!!! honestly, I don't think I'd change a thing ...

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I LOVE simple. I think it puts much more emphasis on the photos. I don't think there's anything wrong with these pages!

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I think that they all look GREAT!

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I think they look great! Smile I like the simplicity of them!

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To be honest, I love these pages! I wouldn't change a thing with them. But then I like doing simple lo's myself. I love what you did with the buttons in the first lo. The only thing I would do is with the ultrasound pic, add some journaling about your feelings during it, about if you found out the sex or if you decided to wait, and why, who was with you, about how excited you were, etc. And perhaps the age or date on the last lo. But really they are great pages.

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Liz, they're all beautiful! Be proud of all the work you've done and have fun showing off your handsome little guy at his party! The pages are lovely!