I need an intervention!

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I need an intervention!

Ok, so after I asked the question about organizing, I thought I'd see what, exactly, I have ... are you ready?

I have ...

159 Alphas (not including the ones that come with kits)
150 Element packs (not including the ones that come with kits)
2178 fonts :eek:
75 Paper packs (not including the ones that come with kits)
124 Quick Pages (which I pretty much NEVER use)
399 templates
257 Wordart sets

and a whopping...
426 kits, mini kits and mega kits.

Totalling ... 46.6 GB of digi-scrapping stuff. I need a downloading intervention.


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"Hi, My name is Trina and I have an addiction to downloading."

J/K!!! Wink LOL, I'd be just as bad if I was a digi scrapper I'm sure.

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LOL Charys!
Too funny

You have a LOT of stuff! WOW!

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Wow, that is a lot of stuff! Digi scrapbooking sounds addicting!

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In my defense, I've been downloading over 2 years now. Smile

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":eek:" is all I have to say lol

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"captainswife" wrote:

":eek:" is all I have to say lol

I agree!

we need to start a digri scrappers downloading annymous I'm sure after 2 years I will be no better

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Hi, my name is Beth and I have a downloading addiction!

My problem is that I'm a complete-ist! I have to download all of one thing before being able to move on ... so I HAD to DL all of the funkyplayground kits that are up right now (still have a few to finish) and I HAD to DL all of the zoo spirit kits and I HAD to ... you get the idea! Wink Even if I wouldn't/won't use all the pieces from these kits. *sigh* I think I'm developing OCD when it comes to digital downloads! LOL

Btw, after a year I have 28 gig and counting. But the good news is that my hard external hard drive will hold 250 gig! Wink

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Wow!! That's a lot of stuff.

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Hi my name is Erin and I am a paper scrapper aholic.

I have over seven glue sticks, two glue pens, two paper cutters, too many ribbons to count, over 300 pieces of paper, 400 unused photos to scrap and too many stickers to keep in my container along with 12 -14 cricut carts.

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I should take a picture of all my paper scrap stuff. It's a lot. I have a milk crate full of paper, 3 tubs of stamps, a binder full of stickers, 2 embellishment cases (as tackle holder and a 30 compartment case). So much ribbon... and then there are punches.

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I'm with Beth. I had to get the 250gig external hard drive to handle all these kits and I had to download every piece of each of those kits... It is crazy! And it is no wonder that I don't have any of it really organized.