I need some birthday layouts to look at...

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I need some birthday layouts to look at...

I need to create a "mature" birthday layout for a friend...and I'm just stuck as to what to do! I hate that I'm in a fog for this one. She wants something not "cutesy" as they are pics of her 44th birthday party.

Anybody have some great layouts I can copy? LOL!!

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Not me! I only have Kayson's 1st birthday layout and they were pretty cutesy.

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checkout www.twopeasinabucket.com
they always have great ideas


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I did this for DH's birthday (submitted it for some challenge last month or june, I forget). It is *kinda* cutesy with the colors and flower, but it isn't a kid bday LO. Anywho... here it is...
(ETA: I still have to make the facing page with the rest of the pics from his party...so it isn't really complete)

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