I need to vent about this LO

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I need to vent about this LO

I started this LO for the edges challenge and I thought I was going to lose my religion before I finished it! And you all know I teach 1st grade so I have an abundance of patience! Wink

I just couldn't get one thing done on it w/o something else messing up. The title started as rub-ons and I got them almost all on there and realized I had miscounted letters and was missing an "e". :shootself:

I had no other letters or anything the right size to cover it and had already glued the ribbon flower down (which I stapled my finger while putting together :angry4:) so I was determined to salvage the page!

I read either Carrie's or Charys' post about typing letters out and cutting them apart and thank goodness b/c nothing else was working.

I ruined one pic trying to alter the edge of it! So now my edge stinks! Everything was just messing up and I couldn't help but get mad.

And the straw that broke camel's back:
Ever had this happen to your ribbon glue?

So, today I woke up sick. That's probably why I got so frustrated in hindsight. I worked a half day and had to come home. The flu is going around our school and I've had a flu shot but I feel so achy and yuck. I thought the card swap was to be mailed by Sat. and now I'm home with some kind of funk and I hope I get to mail my get well cards (:rolleyes: how's that for irony). I still have to make the envelopes for them and maybe DH can mail them for me.

So, here's the LO, which I don't like BTW b/c it ended up looking like something from the Disney store and its going in my wedding album for goodness sake!

journaling: We spent the day shopping for dresses for Jessica and Morgan. The girls loved trying on all the fancy dresses and playing dress-up with me. They pranced around and like princesses. The girls, Casey and I had smiles on our faces and loved being there…
And then there was Logan!

My pic edge:

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oh man! I've never had my glue explode on me like that. what a bad day! Sorry! And that is ironic that you are home sick making Get Well cards! :confused:

BUT, I don't see one thing wrong with your layout! Infact, I LOVE IT!!! I love your distressed photo edge! wow, and the ribbon flower is fantastic! This layout rocks.

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Ugh... those are the days that make you want to cry, or punch a wall, and sometimes both.

I get what you're saying about Disney store-ish and in a wedding album that may not fit, but if you hadn't vented your frustrations, I wouldn't have known. The page looks really well executed.

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I agree with Charys...that LO does rock! I too love the photo with the ribbon on it and the edging...and that flower ribbon is so cool. I love the colors too Kelly.

Sorry bout your bad...sound like I'm from Virginia don't I? Hehehe..hope you are better soon!

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:bigarmhug: sorry you're not well. I think your page is terrific though!

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Oh man! that really really sucks! Sorry you were having such a rough time of it!
I think the page is great, though I see what you're saying.

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that wicked sucks with the glue!!!
hope you feel better!

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Awww that is so frustrating!

I love the page though - it may be kind of bright, but I think it really fits the subject matter with the kids and dress shopping and all. Hope you are feeling better soon!

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I think that is my favorite LO of yours. It may seem sort of disneyish, but it totally fits the kids!

I'm going to have to steal your flower:)

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When it rains, it pours, eh?

I think the LO came out very cute! I agree with pps who said it fits the kids! I wouldn't want all your wedding pages to be frilly and feminine. This captures a fun moment! Smile

Hope you're feeling better!

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Thanks girls! I'm feeling better today so I guess I'm not as hateful as I was!! Biggrin I do like it better and you all are right. It's about kids- so why not be kiddish?

BTW- what kind of ribbon glue would you recommend? ROFL I have 3 kinds and the one that busted is the only one that really worked good but it always gets clogged up, which is how the explosion happened.

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I use my regular glue sticks or Xyron for ribbon. If it's a little piece, I will use Zots.

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I definitly use Glue dots for ribbon (if it doesn't have adhesive already on it).

I agree w/ everyone else, it does look great!