I printed out some pictures...

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I printed out some pictures...

Remember my other thread where I said it would cost me like over 100 dollars to get some pages printed? Well at that same place I got some photos developed and i paid like 30 dollars or something for 40 some photos. Well guess what? THey all came out like crap! The lady lied to me! She said my cameras pictures would be best at 10x13cms and each picture is cut off by a couple cm's i think. Some more. I just can't figure it out. I just hope they give me my money back when I go back tomorrow. I'm going to try to speak to the manager, she's the one who helped me. This makes me so annoyed. I didn't do anything special with my pictures. I kept them the size that my camera takes them. I messed with them in photoshop but the size remained the same when i saved. I don't know what could have gone wrong :-? I hate it when this happens. I thought they looked ok when I was at the photo place but when I got home and lookd at the originals on my computer I realized how crappy they look. I sure hope they can fix this for me. I'd hate to feel like I wasted money on pictures that didn't turn out the way I wanted them to. Sad I think i'm going to switch photo places, even if it means driving farther to get my pictures. OR maybe they can mail them to me. I'll have to look into that. This just annoys me.


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That would make me so mad! Digital cameras usually do not do 4x6 inch prints, which is the typical print size. You need to get them printed at 4x5.3 inches which if I converted it right should be 10.16x13.5382 centimeters. I don't know if you will be able to find somewhere to print them for you that way. Walgreens just started doing it here. If you can't then you will probably need to go ahead and go into your photo program and resize your pics to the right size that they will print them at. i have had that happen to me before too and it really sucks. I hope you can get it worked out.

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hmm all those numbers sound confusing lol they are printed on 10x13 and the other option was 10x15 and that's it. But when i checked the sizes earlier today on Photoshop it said the size of the originals are 10x7 around there. The pictures that I got back are all cut off around the edges and one of them my DD's head is cut off but like alot! I just don't understand how they could have gotten it wrong.

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I'm sorry they didn't print well. That is awful.

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:-? its just confusing me to pieces because I can't figure it out in photoshop. How the heck would I go about resizing my photos so that when I get them printed out they actually FIT On the paper? ... this is frustrating. Oh well..ill figure it out eventually. Some of the pictures turned out "ok" but most of them have at least 2cm's cut off.

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Ugh! You have just been through so much just to get your pictures printed nice & affordable! Don't worry, once you find what works you'll never have to deal with this again!

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yeah hope so! ... i just hope i can still get my money back ... i'm not satisfied at all and if i can't get my money back well...i'll just have to make do with what I got... Sad chopped off heads and pretty edges.. oh well

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I hope you get your money back and you find somewhere else to print the way you want.

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it's crazy all you've been through getting those printed! I'm sorry! Sad Surely they will refund you for them. KUP!

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I was just talking to my husband about this type of thing. (he is a graphic designer by trade) digital cameras take pictures at 4.5x6- but a standard print is 4x6.
So a 10x15 would be the "to scale" equiv of 4x6 and a 11.25x15 would be the "to scale" version of what is coming out of your camera. so your losing an inch and a quarter when its printed.
This may not make sense since you print using cm, but I explained it still so you can see the concept behind it. Or, I could be missing the boat on what you need completely. it wouldnt be the first time lol.

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That is super frustrating - hopefully they'll give you your money back.

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I have also been frustrated with pictures being printed and the heads being cut off. I order from a new place now that gives you the option of choosing your crop or else having them cropped on the edges instead of cropping off the top and bottom.

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UGH! That has to be frustrating! Sorry hon!

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hoping they refund your money.... and that things become a little less frustrating for you

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thanks.. going now to see if I can get some money back or something... Smile

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I sure hope you got your money back, most places do have a satisfaction guarantee.

I know that when I get mine printed, there's an option to preview them first, so I see what gets cropped. there's an option to do "insert" (or something like that) where there's white space, but my full picture is printed - then I just crop around the white space. to see what I'm talking about, create an account at winkflash.com and upload some photos. then you can edit what's in your cart and you'll see how the pictures are automatically cropped. it doesn't help you in terms of getting them printed there, but you get an idea of what's happening at your print place.

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That's a good idea to just see what will happen by doing that on Winkflash.